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Celina, The Werewolf
Cursed at a young age
Age: 22
Long haired (prefers it to be let down) brunette
Has three forms: Human, Half wolf, Werewolf
5'3" tall in human form
5'8" tall in half wolf form
8'9" tall in werewolf form
Likes to dress up and look her best but acts like a tomboy.
Has an intrest in dresses as well as cars.
Has a very unique matabolizm which gives her a relatively fit looking body no mater how much she lazes around or works out, so she looks lean yet has a six pack.
Once tried eating a diet of pizza for a week, ended up with a lot of excess energy and a lot of energy crashes but no weight gain or muscle loss.
Even though she doesnt look super strong, with medium effort she can very easily lift up about half a ton with her arms, her legs however could lift that with minimum effort.
She refuses to use her advanced strength for sports.
Has a wonderful singing voice.
C cup chest size
Doesnt carry weapons as she tends to accidentally break them, and she doesnt like hurting people very badly
Acutely aware of when a full moon should be.
Gets a small shiver at midnight
Can see rather well in the dark.
The werewolf curse will leave her looking young for much longer than a mortal human
Transforms into werewolf form on a full moon, her natural fur colour is silver and her hair changes colour to be silver for the transformation and for one week afterwards. She tends to recolour her hair in this time period
Can transform into half wolf form anytime but doing so causes her to grow fur on her arms and legs up to her elbows and knees as well as growing wolf ears replacing her human ears.
In half wolf form her hands become claws and her feet change to be digitigrade like, her teeth also grow sharper and her canines grow longer, often seen poking out in front of her lips.
Half wolf form also gives Celina more energy, strength and endurance as well as a bit of a resistance to many impurities or toxins as well as a higher tolerance to pain (she also wont be as easily satisfied by a meal).
Half wolf form also makes her more obvious and easier to be labeled a monster, so she only uses it when safe or necessary.
Transforms as soon as it gets dark on the night of the full moon
Barricades herself in her home, locks all the doors and closes every blind.
Doesn't lose control in werewolf form, just fears being seen.
Cant sleep on a full moon so she watches TV and reads in the dark so she doesn't raise her electricity too much.
Feels fully rested after the full moon even though she doesn't sleep.
Has two sets of ripped small pj's that she ripped when transforming before, she undresses before transforming and changes into them afterwards. They don't fit well but she is to embarrassed to order a custom size online.
Has a pet cat that loves it when Celina transforms as her scent stays relatively the same as Celina becomes a big fuzzy pillow for her to sleep on.
Loves all of the holidays
To afraid to go anywhere in werewolf form even on Halloween
In werewolf form Celina can lift a full dumpster single handed and can lift a truck with effort
Has an underground parking garage that she likes to hide and fool around in werewolf form
Has a well paying job and likes to save as much money as possible.
Doesn't always pick up on social cues since she distanced herself from others as a kid
Voice doesn't change in werewolf form
Really scared of revealing her secret to her friend and crush that lives 5 minutes away from her

Alisha, The Witch
5'10" tall
Long haired blond
Likes ponytails
Age: 23 years old (half a year older than Celina)
Has a crush on Celina since their High school years where they became friends
Lives 5 minutes away from Celina
Loves using any excuse she can to dress up like a witch
Naturally pretty (never had the chance to test out beauty spells)
DD cup chest
Gets hit on often by both genders, which she didnt exactly mind since she's bisexual
Her powers grow tremendously on full moons and Halloween
Was the second smartest girl in her class, second only to Celina
Naturally good at studying which helped out with her spellbooks greatly
Alisha deeply admired Celina for her looks personality and grades in high school
Early on in high school, both had crushes on each other and they kinda became rivals until the first report card. Afterwards they became friends.
Ali loves going over to Celina's whenever possible, when she does, she does her best to look her best for Celina. This makes Celina blush which Ali loves doing, Celina doesnt clue in because Alisha is a designer, and Alisha thinks that Celina's blushing because she loves her outfit, and promptly blushes as well.
Loves to bake, especially for holidays
Has a strong sweet tooth which Celina knows very well and uses it against Ali.
In high school Celina (at that point was flat chested) would sometimes get moody at her chest size, comparing herself to Alisha's fast developement, as a 16th birthday present Alisha secretly casted a 3 month long spell on Celina which brought out her natural developement and gave it a push. She went over to Celina's place on her birthday bringing a gift of a collection of bra's in Celina's new bust size. After the gift giving Celina replied with a bear hug, both were rendered beet red and unable to speak for a couple minutes.
Alisha got a well paying job as a tailor and custom designer.
Likes to make outfits and designs for Celina whenever she has free time.
Ali absolutely loves animals has her own black cat because she loves being a witch with a black cat.
Ali's cat loves when Ali uses her powers, especially when Ali uses it to talk with her.
Once fell asleep at Celina's place hugging Celina's cat on the night before the full moon, this made Celina a nervous wreck.
Ali constantly tries coming over on full moons because she knows that for some reason Celina doesnt want to do things on that night.
Likes to draw but finds it fun to animate her drawings with magic
Very much not a morning person, has two alarm clocks and a backup one that magically lifts her up lightly and slaps her on the butt if she hasnt got out of bed. Once she gets up she gets coffee going mindlessly wandering through her house. If she was getting robbed she wouldnt even noticed until she wakes up, but she put a spell on her house that any intruder trying to steal with evil and greedy intent would be:
frozen in place, memory of that event erased and give them a hex which gives them good luck after they do something good for the next good thing they do

Neither of the two know each others special abilities and both awkwardly hide it from each other.
Celina would absolutely love to get a custom outfit for her werewolf form but is way to shy to get one, as well as Alisha goes through Celina's closet every now and then and an outfit that big would be hard to explain.
Alisha constantly offers to be roommates with Celina but Celina has always refused saying she wants to get stable first, then she will accept Alisha's offer.
Celina is getting worried because she recently got into a very stable financial situation, and Alisha knows it
Werewolf and Witch OC bio
I've put a lot of thought and grammer mistakes into this.
I've wanted to make this werewolf girl for half a month now, and it only felt fitting to give her a witch friend and i've been thinking up this bio and polishing it for Halloween
Visuals/drawings coming... Eventually.


i like cats, i suck at drawing but have a grand imagination, i have many ideas for drawings but i cant put them down. I draw with mouse


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